Realm of the Trolls  screenshots, video, download
aka Down at the Trolls

reatt.png reatm.png reatm2.png reatg.png



  Unknown Rainbow Arts game - not their top, but deserves little attention.
  TOS indep. Mouse, joystick control.
 Log:  Src.: crkshw. There is STX of Down at the Trolls available, but has some corrupted parts. So, I used crk. of bugger, which needs creation of data floppy - slow and produces pretty bad formatted floppy. Did some hacking, flo2 to side B, reg. format, so single floppy, right playable:  Floppy version  .
Data floppy is imaged to file RE2, and ingame saves go in it . Runs on any ST(E), Mega ST(E), TT, Falcon, from hard disk, floppy. Trainer opt. statesaves, exit to Desktop. Cat: M5IF.