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for running from hard disk, gamestate saving, TOS 2.06, Falcon, TT compatibility

 Game hard disk adaptation files are removed currently - except latest ones (on top of table) because maintenance, reorganization. That may take some time. Please don't write me about 404.   If want some game egerly, I can send it in e-mail., but certainly not many of them.

  One of things what people asked over last years was compilation of all games here, in single download - like archive with all games here. Indeed makes things faster and easier. And I made 2 compilations, although not with all games, partially because time needed to go thru all it. In meantime many things changed in our lives. There is iTOS what needed some corrections in library, RAM in TOS files. So, I made special compilation for it in last months. Took more time than I expected. But went thru all games, and of course, why not making new compilations for TOS 1.00-1.02 and usual TOS versions ? The good news is that they are done. The bad news is that it is not free.

4  compilations are available for DL:
1. Special for iTOS - 1400 games + couple latest releases in 1 GB long image, so good for Mega STE internal adapter too.
Only with iTOS is possible to put so many games in 1 GB (more efficient space usage). It is with special driver too. 8 partitions. Game start menu for easier usage . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thnASI5rQ54
2. Special for TOS 1.00-1.02 . Those TOS versions are not so good with hard disks, so need special partitioning.
About 1500 DIRs, special autoboot driver (includes Foldr 100 too). This can be used with later regular TOS versions too.
Image size is about 1.7 GB.
3. For usual TOS versions, so 1.04 and later.
About 1500 DIRs - some games are with multiple versions, audio track(s). 7 partitions. Image size is about 1.7 GB. That is because fit on 2 GB Flash cards, which usually have about 10% less capacity than indicated (what stays for other size cards too).
Above 3 are hard disk/Flash card image files, with autoboot driver, so ready to use with real Ataris equipped with mass storage. And drivers used are optimized for game playing. For instance Timer-C is not used in driver at all, because some games tako control over it (Space Harrier for example). Other popular drivers usually use Timer-C for time-out check. If it is changes, ot may stuck instead loading files from disk.
Game list with their DIR paths
Instructions for Game menu - textual mode version
In all 3 cases partitions are DOS FAT16 compatible, so you can access them with modern OS, computers. Doing file transfers.
4. On request I made archive without disk image. So, just all game DIRs ZIPped. They are in 27 DIRs 0,A-Z . Will take about 1.5 GB space when unpacked. ZIP is 920 MB .  Call it 1k5arch .
For details, how to get link, please write e-mail (link at bottom of this page).
Adaptation is still going on. Can see new releases at atariage.

Note for those who want to put game adaptations from here on their sites, or doing some other way of distribution. Instead it, use link to this site. Ask for permission and explanations about how to use this - result of my hard work over many years. This is not so simple as with 8-bit computer games - like just run it's file. This games were on floppies, not on tapes. Much more ways for loading, running them. Then TOS versions, how to set computer, hard disk driver  ...

Game list/table

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